Sturdy Birdy

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Expect increased balance, coordination, core strength, and a smile the moment you start playing Sturdy Birdy!

Reggie the Pigeon dreams of life in the circus as a high wire acrobat. (Sadly, Reggie's flight abilities have never taken off.) Reggie needs your help to perfect 12 poses and land the high-wire-balancing, birdseed-providing job he's always dreamed of. To do that, players must master 12 unique poses and be the first to make it to the end of the line. Ahh... 12 poses can't be so tough, you say? Wait until you add counting spectators, flapping wings, and a few choruses of "tweety, tweet, tweet"!

Sturdy Birdy challenges your child on a physical level while encouraging counting skills, self-esteem, and more! Roll the dice together to determine where on your body to balance the seed bag and for how long you must hold the pose. Everybody counts while you try your best not to fall!

Sturdy Birdy is a fun-filled, quick-moving game! This active game improves:

  • Gross motor skills
  • Social interaction
  • Self-esteem
  • Balance, coordination, and core strength

No reading required - Simple counting in game play. Fun to watch, A riot to play!

Roll dice to determine where to balance seed bag, how long to hold the pose

Easy to follow game rules included

Includes 12 Reggie the Pigeon Pose Cards, 12 card stands, 4 seed bags, 2 foam dice

High-quality materials for lasting enjoyment

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