Space Shuttle Shaped FP

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Includes 3 extra pieces: Astronaut, The Hubble Telescope and Moon. 32cm x 31cm x 11.5cm

Start your kids on their space exploration early with the Space Shuttle Shaped Giant Floor Puzzle. Suitable for children as young as 4, it's large and assembles easily into a Space Shuttle for a good time for everyone.

In addition to the cool Space Shuttle Puzzle, this set comes with a poster of the solar system. It includes all the planets and sun with neat little facts about each one. It even includes different satellites and other man made space machines.

A great way to put a smile on a scientist's face or to plant the seeds of science in a growing mind!


(1) Heebie Jeebies Floor Puzzle - Space Shuttle - Ages 4+. Space Shuttle jigsaw puzzle, 36x jumbo pieces. Measures 34 x 22 inches once assembled. Includes bonus pieces - Astronaut, Moon, Hubble Space Telescope. Comes with a large (34.25" x 9.84") solar system poster.

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