Pokémon Sword and Shield-Astral Radiance Booster Pack

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Travel back to a land of myths, legends, and wilderness as Origin Forme Dialga VSTAR and Origin Forme Palkia VSTAR shape the fabric of time and space! Decidueye, Typhlosion, and Samurott arrive as Hisuian Pokémon VSTAR, joining more Pokémon and Trainers from the ancient region of Hisui. Meanwhile, Shiny Pokémon reappear as Radiant Pokémon, with Radiant Greninja leading the charge in the Pokémon TCG: Sword & Shield—Astral Radiance expansion!

Each Pokémon booster pack contains 10 cards and either 1 basic Energy or 1 VSTAR marker. Each player must have a 60-card deck of Pokémon cards to play.

Packs and cards vary.

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