Magna-Tiles Forest Animals

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Magna-Tiles new Forest Animals set is designed for hours of screen-free, frustration-free fun and  learning opportunities. Explore the wonderful wilderness with four forest animal friends as they play together amongst the towering trees and bubbling streams. Magna-Tiles encourage imaginative play, storytelling and creativity for children ages 3 years old and up.

This Forest Animal set includes:

  • 4 Forest Figures: Raccoon, Owl, Bear and Deer
  • The first-ever tree/leaf pieces
  • Tree, stream, and footprint tiles with realistic details
  • 11 Classic Small Squares
  • 2 Classic Right Triangles
  • 2 Classic Isosceles Triangles
  • 6 Tree/Leaf Pieces

Magna-Tiles® support math, science, and creative education. In addition to STEAM learning, the magnetic tiles and shapes are specially designed to help children of all ages develop social, motor, cognitive, and emotional skills.

  • Social skills: Cooperation (sharing, turn taking), enhancing communication and language skills, engaging in pretend play, and more.
  • Motor skills: Enhance hand and eye coordination, develop grasp, build finger and hand strength, and more.
  • Cognitive skills: Problem solving, critical thinking, encouraging curiosity, and more.
  • Emotional skills: Frustration tolerance, building resilience, increasing self confidence, and more.                               

Magna-Tiles® are committed to safety. Made from high quality, non-toxic materials that are subject to rigorous testing.                                

Magna-Tiles® pieces also feature signature rivets and patented, reinforced lattice. The rivets provide an additional layer of security and firmly hold our tiles together. The crisscross lattice isn’t just a unique design; it acts like a skeleton, providing additional support within each piece, so the tiles won’t break open if accidentally stepped on or dropped.

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