Magna-Tiles Dino World 40 Pc Set

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Magna-Tile Dino World 40 piece set features four oversized, fully-magnetic dinosaurs and brightly-colored, volcanic-themed tiles for imaginative play potential that never goes extinct. Each dinosaur has movable parts ready for action and imaginary play. Magna-Tiles spark a curiosity for STEAM topics, including paleontology!

This 40 piece set includes: 

  • 4 Magnetic Dinosaur Figurines: Pteranodon (blue), T-Rex (red), Stegosaurus (green) and Velociraptor (purple). Figurine sizes vary (3″ to 6″)
  • 24 Classic Small Squares
  • 6 Classic Right Triangles
  • 1 Large Rectangle
  • 1 Small Rectangle
  • 4 Quarter Circles

Compatible with and complementary to all Magna-Tiles® sets.

Magna-Tiles® support math, science, and creative education. In addition to STEAM learning, the magnetic tiles and shapes are specially designed to help children of all ages develop social, motor, cognitive, and emotional skills.

  • Social skills: Cooperation (sharing, turn taking), enhancing communication and language skills, engaging in pretend play, and more.
  • Motor skills: Enhance hand and eye coordination, develop grasp, build finger and hand strength, and more.
  • Cognitive skills: Problem solving, critical thinking, encouraging curiosity, and more.
  • Emotional skills: Frustration tolerance, building resilience, increasing self confidence, and more.                               

Magna-Tiles® are committed to safety. Made from high quality, non-toxic materials that are subject to rigorous testing.    

For children ages 3 years old and up       

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