Little Friends - Brown & Tricolor Puppy

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These two Little Friends Tricolor Puppies love to frolic and play! They’re so cute! 

  • These two baby tri-color puppies are so happy to be a part of the Little Friends family! No one can resist their cuteness.
  • Enjoy HABA's Little Friends puppies on their own, or with other Little Friends dolls
  • Made of safe rubbery plastic, Little Friends animals are durable and easy to clean. They stand up to rough play, but have a softness and flexibility that rigid hard plastic figures lack.
  • HABA Little Friends animals make great companions at the breakfast table, in the garden, sandbox or swimming pool.......anywhere the imagination takes them!

Set includes: 2 puppies (measuring 1.75" tall), soft blue blanket, plastic dog basket and 3 frisbees.

Children's safety is HABA’s #1 priority. HABA Little Friends toys are made with safe materials and rigorously tested according to European and American testing standards for toys. 

Age: 3 Years and Up

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