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Djeco Wooden MiniTrain Set is a perfect first train set for toddlers aged 18 months and up. This wooden toy is 100% child-powered. Children play with the locomotive and the carriage by pushing them along the track. The train goes into the station and the bell chimes to alert the conductor. Children can enjoy making up stories and imitating the sound of the train. A cute little train set that is perfect for toddlers.

  • A full train set for very young children.
  • A small bell that chimes when the train enters the station.
  • Standard sized tracks, compatible with other wooden train sets

Contents: 1 miniature wooden train: 7 tracks, 2 carriages, 1 house base, and 2 accessories.

Measurements: 11.42" x 9.84" x 5.91"

Recommended for ages 18 months +

Design by: Edouard Manceau

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