Dressup Wooden Puzzle

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The design of  this Dressup Wooden Puzzle from Djeco is genius! The wooden box provides neat and easy storage while the lid is the base onto which the pieces fit! Mix and match the pieces for different cats’ outfits.

  • Great for hand-eye coordination and logical thinking development.
  • 18 kitty cat puzzle pieces store neatly in this wooden box.
  • On the lid, your child uses the pieces to make different kitties! Match the colors and make 6, 3 piece kittens. 
  • A self-contained wood puzzle in a special box, complete all 6, 2, and 3-piece puzzles of costumed cats, each puzzle fits onto the pre-cut box lid
  • All the pieces store in the box and the puzzle top lid slides on and off, box is 5.5 x 5 inches
  • Helps develop fine motor skills, shape recognition, color matching, visual acuity, and cognitive development
  • Made from the highest quality materials, completely non-toxic, child-safe paints, that meet and exceed all US and European safety testing standards
  • A great gift for a toddler ages 2 years +
  • This product is FSC Certified (100%)

Contents: 1 wooden pencil box and 18 wooden puzzle pieces.

Measurements: 4.6" x 5.6" x 2"

Recommended for ages 2 years +

Design by: Marion Billet

Fun for ages 2 and up.

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