Around the Clock Puzzle

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eeBoo's Around the Clock Puzzle is an absolutely gorgeous, gigantic round puzzle that follows the hours of the day and night through the activities of Bear and friends. Conceived by Saxton Freymann and illustrated by Uta Krogmann, this 25 piece puzzle is a wonderfully engaging way to teach time telling from an analog clock while introducing the concept of the 24-hour day. This new, oversized format offers an unusual twist on a traditional activity, and the richness and thoughtfulness of the characters and activities shown make it a classic eeBoo product.

Uta Krogmann is from southern Germany where, as a child, she spent lots of time outside, collecting corn for doves, counting ladybugs spots, and playing hopscotch. She loves to travel, especially to Asia where the art and textiles inspire her work.

Time for breakfast? Time for play?
This clock can tell the time of day;
Your day, (all the things you do)
And how you spend your nighttime too!



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